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Brick by Brick Building Game is a classic stacking game with a Tetris twist that will get kids away from video games and rekindle their passion for brainteasers!

With 60 challenges available, this Brick by Brick Building Game seems simple but will challenge both young and experienced minds. This game challenges players to build a symmetrical brick wall by assembling 5 puzzle pieces that match the image on one of 60 challenge cards. These pieces have different configurations such as pyramid-like shapes, V-shapes and more. It helps improve spatial orientation, reasoning skills as well as the identification of simple geometric shapes.

Product Features:

  • 60 mind challenge cards with hints and solutions
  • 5 brick pieces
  • Improve spatial orientation as well as reasoning skills
  • Identification of simple geometric shapes
  • Ages: 8 years +

Games to Play:

  • Memory Game
  • Symmetry Game

Why are building blocks and brainteasers great for kids?

Building blocks and brainteasers help encourage and enhance problem-solving from a young age as well as integrate their own constructions into pretend play scenarios. Studies suggest they can help kids develop motor skills, hand-eye coordination and spatial skills. In addition, build their capacity for creative, divergent thinking as well as social skills.

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