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  • AVG PC TuneUp 2019 - 1 PC 1 Year - Speed Up, Fix Errors, Free Disc Space, Improve Battery Life - ESD

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Breath New Life into your Old Machine or Make your New PC Faster !

Over time you PC slows down and consumes more power as a result of too many programs, file Clutter, errors, and more.

With its comprehensive range of over 35 tools, AVG TuneUp provides everything you need to help keep your computer running smoothly, resulting in a faster, more stable PC.

Compatibility: Windows only

Simple and easy setup procedure, register on AVG, download, install and activate

(No physical product supplied, this is Electronic Software Delivery and will need to be download)

Less Crashing

1-Click Maintenance:
Resolve dozens of issues with a single click
Automatic Maintenance:
Easy, worry-free automated maintenance
Registry Cleaner:
Prevent crashes and freezes the easy way

More Speed

Live Optimization:
Improves performance on-the-fly
Program Deactivator:
Detects and stops programs slowing you down
Startup Manager:
Start your PC faster than ever before
Startup Optimizer:
Recommends which startup programs to disable
Registry Defrag:
Tidies up your registry for improved speed and performance
Drive Defrag:
Access your hard drive and data faster than before
Turbo Mode:
Disables 70+ unnecessary processes for faster browsing, gaming, and streaming

More Disc Space

Duplicate Finder:
Finds the duplicate files you’re okay to delete
Disk Cleaner:
Removes the junk files that come with popular apps

Longer Battery Life

Economy Mode:
An even better way to get the most from your battery
Puts unused applications to sleep and more !
Flight Mode:
Ease up on your battery by shutting off unused Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
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